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I own them all. So yeah I know it’s pretty well-covered ground, but he doesn’t do that much with Capture One. You could try to follow along. He has a complete CaptureOne tutorial 35 videos or 12h. I completely agree. Apparently the course offered would be excellent for those using tethered capture and those needing advanced skin editing techniques.

David Grover and Phase One offer s many free tutorials featuring the use of Capture one for landscape images,”street images”, etc.

I do NOT mean in anyway to demean the author or minimize the instruction offered which apparently is excellent and both well intended and received. Indeed, I hope that the author would consider an advanced course in the use of Capture One for editing of landscape and more prosaic tasks. Of course it is a guide only to capture one, but they should include export and import to Photoshop, even the ambassadors have to use it for special cases.

Yes, you should have received a link to it in your download email. If you can’t find it, feel free to message me. Would love to see another tutorial from Quentin where he could go further with actually showing his Photoshop techniques for beauty retouching and the workflow from Capture One to Photoshop. A similar landscape Capture One editing tutorial would be awesome as well.

Hi Patrick, Quentin approaches these lessons starting with the very basics. If you’ve never used Capture One, you should be able to follow along just fine.

Portrait Photography Editing. Portrait Retouch. Beauty Portrait. Photoshop Photography. Photography Tips. Photoshop Tips. Photoshop Retouching. Light Control. Remote Control. Phase One. Studio Software. Positive Attitude. Topaz Filters and Capture One Pro pdf. New Color. All The Colors. Make It Simple. Photography Tutorials. Digital Photography. Length: minutes Import your Lightroom catalog to Capture One or learn how to make a smaller catalog to import.

Length: minutes Styles are a great way to add a predefined look to your photos, or give you a starting point to adjust further. Length: minutes Learn all you need to start editing your photos in Capture One Express. Let Capture One Auto Adjust for you, or use the simple but powerful tools to take control.

Length: minutes Get familiar with the interface. Learn how to navigate, find the tools you need and use the sliders efficiently. Length: minutes Learn how to import your first photos into Capture One.

Use Groups and Albums to organize your photos better. Length: minutes Learn how to adjust colors using the Color Editor. Apply to Layers and create masks from color selections. Length: minutes Learn how Layers work, how to create them, and how to mask them. Apply adjustments locally. The High Dynamic Range tool works similar to the comparable four sliders in Lightroom Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks but their effect is not exactly the same. As an example, the Highlight and Shadow sliders in Capture One will apply a heavier effect than those in Lightroom if you set the sliders to in both programs.

Another difference concerns the Black and White sliders. In Lightroom, they are often used to set the black and white point in images that lack contrast as a result of missing image data at the ends of the histogram. In Capture One, you would normally use the Levels tool mentioned earlier to set the black and white point. As a consequence, the Black and White sliders in Capture One will have less of a tendency to crush the blacks or blow out the highlights than in Lightroom.

This means that you often can use them more generously in Capture One than you are used to — this is especially true for the Black slider. In the book, the chapter on the High Dynamic Range tool continues, plus much more. For reading. Please feel free to leave a comment. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new blogs. Want to try Capture One? Or would you like to buy it? Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Recovering details On most images you should start with using the new White and Black sliders to see whether they can recover the desired details in the highlights and shadows.

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