Advise To The Public As “GAWU” Trends

I have to say this here to all of you including bloggers and hypemen. If you want to offer a professional advise to an Artist please go to his/her Dm and do it privately. Criticising and condemning someone’s efforts and hardwork in a negative manner just to get their attention won’t fetch you a deal opportunity.

The worst is that some of you who slams and drag these Artists in public still go to their Dm to seek for deals and financial assistance, if I may ask how do you even breath? 🤷‍♂️

My first encounter with Segxzy CEO of SEGZ records was an eye opener into the entertainment industry. The advises and support can’t be over emphasized and it’s all taking me far beyond my expectations. No one is perfect so stop acting like you came from Heaven and be civil..Thank you✌️

Allow me to enjoy myself as I dey “Gawu” dey go..👇👇

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