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How to rename a user data folder in Windows 10 – .How to Change User Folder Name in Windows 10 – 2 Ways

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Then select the Administrator account that you created to log in. Then you can open C drive on your computer and open Users folder. Right-click the target user folder and rename it. Then you can input the new user folder name at the end of the directory under Value data.

Click OK to save the changes. Restart your computer to make the changes take effect. Check: How to backup and restore Registry. Select the target user account, and click Properties to open its properties window. Change your user name. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Shawn Brink MVP. Hello Shamim, The tutorial below can help show you how to change the name of your account’s profile folder.

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Search for:. How to rename a user data folder in Windows 10 During the Windows installation process, many users do not think about how important it is to choose the right username. Content: Method 1: Creating a new account with the required name and changing its type Method 2: Renaming the user data folder in Windows 10 Home Edition Method 3: Renaming the user data folder in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise What to do if, during the data folder renaming, or moving your information into new user data folder important data was lost?

Method 1: Creating a new account with the required name and changing its type When using an utterly new account, the deleting of which will not entail any negative consequences, one of the options for solving the task will be to create a new user profile with the necessary name and access level.

To get rid of an already unneeded account, go to the accounts in settings and delete it Read more: How to create disk space or a mirror volume in Windows. Step 1. Install and launch the RS Partition Recovery. Frequently Asked Question When I tried to rename the user data folder, I lost an important file for me. It was stored on the desktop. Can RS Partition Recovery recover a file that is important to me?

Avto September 9, pm. On step 4 my last user name was TK and Registry Finder finds another files with tk in them. What can I do? Lakonst September 10, am. Avto September 10, am. Felipe May 27, am. Can I: — create another user with admin privileges; — logoff of my current user; — login in the new temporary user; — change username and folder of my “main” user and restart; — regedit and path edits when logged on my main user; — then, steps 4 and 5?

Sorry about my English and thank you! Lakonst May 28, am. I think you can do this, but i’ not sure. So, I suggest to follow the exact steps in this tutorial.

Michael September 21, pm. Ahmed Kotb October 13, pm. Bence November 6, am. Ashley January 24, am. All of my pictures are gone. Not in any other user folders I can find. They were there and now they are gone. All of my babies pictures and videos, gone. Lakonst January 24, am. Florent March 3, pm. It went almost perfect. I can’t make the 5th step because I don’t have the admin rights… I don’t understand how but I probably made something wrong because my account with the new name is a guest account….

Before starting the procedure, my account was the administrator one. I tried to log to the admin account but my classical password is not working and I have no idea what it could be. Lakonst March 4, pm. Adam March 14, pm. It mostly worked, but it complete killed my Start menu; clicking on it does nothing.

Also, OneDrive is still trying to use the old folder name. That should be fixable but doing anything is kind of tricky without the Start menu. Lakonst March 15, pm. AlexPippo April 18, pm. Sanduni May 10, pm.

Sehaj May 13, pm. It worked really well for me. You have told the steps really well and complete :. Arcane June 2, pm.

So I’m having a little trouble fixing the Registry. The name was previously “Tim”, and finding it in the registry finder also finds things related to “time”. Any way to fix this? Lakonst June 3, am.

Good luck. Stef June 2, pm. I truly need help, as now clicking on links from an outside source e. Discord Doesn’t work anymore. Chrome is selected in “Web browser” section. Then click on “Choose default apps by file type” and select your web browser to open the ‘.

Anold July 5, am. Someone told me that it is impossible to rename that folder. Nevertheless, you helped me a lot. Thank you very much. I wish if you have whatsap group to help others out there with different scenarios. God bless you. John September 1, am. Hi Thanks for your advice. It worked for me. However I have a question. When you used the name “John” should you have used “Josh” as a better example?

As you were helping “Joshua” it was a bit off-putting seeing a different name thrown it to the mix. John” and click Find. See Above. Lakonst September 2, pm.

Eswaraiah September 12, pm. Boomaa March 2, pm. This worked for me. Thank you very much for this post cuz it took me about 6hours to find your post before working on the steps. Gurvinder Singh March 27, pm. Ron May 14, pm. Good instructions! However please update this article to include in Step 3 5, when the folder can’t be renamed due to it being opened by another program. If this problem occurs, Download LockHunter free to download btw from MalwareBytes to figure out what is locking the folder.

Hope this helps! Duong August 2, pm. Thank you for clear instruction. It worked well for me in Windows 7 except Dropbox needs to be reinstalled.


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Since everything worked great, the downloaded file is saved in the Downloads folder of the renamed home folder. Once everything is working fine, you can delete Windows user account you created earlier. If you like this article, do check how to get full user account details in Windows and how to login automatically in Windows Point 1. Now there are no local users listed and in the main field there is a message saying. To manage user accounts for this computer, use the User Accounts tool in Control Panel.

Option to rename is not available. What edition of Windows are you using? I just tried the method on my end and it worked just fine. If you are trying to rename your User folder on your Windows 10 system, this guide is for you. It is very tricky to change the User name on your computer. In simple words, there is an easy one-step solution to this issue. As your username is entitled to all the folder attributes, you can not change it within your account. But there is one way you can rename the user folder.

Follow these easy steps to do so-. For example, you may want to add a few words at the end or start of the file names, or you may even want to delete a specific number of characters from all the file names. Despite your requirement, using a good file rename software is a must. Here we have a list of file rename software for Windows. Bulk Rename Utility is one of the most popular file renaming programs in the list for Windows. It can easily suffice your daily batch renaming requirements with ease.

While the home screen can be a bit complex for beginners, it becomes really easy to use once you get a hold of it. The program comes with all the features you need, despite your renaming requirements. Among its major features are:. The best part about the program is that it superfast. The installation version adds a right-click context menu item that helps rename fast.

Flexible Renamer is another great renaming app that comes with multiple options like renaming with the help of tags ID3, Exif, etc. If you are looking for a file renaming software that can effectively rename several files and images, then file renamer basic can be your best bet. It comes with a perfect interface that features file listing and a directory tree.

Advanced Renamer is a great and effective batch renaming tool that comes packed with fourteen different renaming functions. In addition, it features a good-looking interface and helps rename several files and folders with renaming techniques. While the interface may seem a bit complex at the start for the beginners, but it gets easier as you keep working with it. It allows you to create different types of distinct techniques to suffice your requirements, using the custom batch scripting feature.

Also, after the procedure, some programs will need to be re-configured because they will not be able to find some configuration files due to changes in the file structure. To start with, we need to activate the Administrator account.

To do this, we need to:. Now, you need to sign out of the current account and sign in to the account we just activated.

After you sign out, select the administrator account that we activated earlier. If, for some reason, this account is not present on the screen, you need to restart your computer. Rename the user folder via the context menu or by pressing the F2 key. The contents of this folder should open up before us. Step 3: Now, you need to find precisely the folder that links to our account. It will not be so easy to do because the folder names contain dashes and numbers.

To see the value of the string, you need to click on it twice. Having found the necessary folder, enter the updated path to the user directory. Now you can close the registry editor. The only thing left is to disable the Administrator profile. If you are using Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise, you should rename the user data folder:. Step 1: Log in to your profile with administrator rights, or activate your Administrator profile following the instructions described above. Find a folder with the required account, as described above.

After that, the procedure to change the name of the user directory can be considered fully completed. Now it is enough to sign out of the Administrator account, and go to the one for which all the actions were performed. If everything has been done correctly, there will be no system errors once the account is started.


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The name of the user’s folder depends on the name of the account. In this article, we will look into how you can rename a user folder in Windows Content: Method 1: Creating a new account with the required name and changing its type; Method 2: Renaming the user data folder in Windows 10 . WINDOWS How to rename user profile folder in Windows 10(Home Edition),Change User Profile Folder Name#WINDOWS10HOME #WINDOWS10 #ProfileFolder. Nov 02,  · Click on Users and select user name. (user name is the user you have logged in to the computer at present) (user name is the user you have logged in to the computer at present) Right click on Downloads folder and click on Rename and change to Desktop.


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