Music Success Tip — Segz Records In Focus

As an upcoming Artist I know how much of achievements you can rip off under a record label that can shade your career but you have to take more caution in your quest for securing a Record deal. Any little loose guarding can cost you much more than you ever bargained for in your music career.

It is every entertainers (musicians) prayer to have a financial umbrella over his/her career but while you hope and fight towards such course, I think you should know this little important basic thing.

It cost much more to promote a song than producing it, so the least any record label can offer to a signed artist is the free access to easy song production else you will remain far from stardom. Most records labels are career distroyers in disguise. Some rents studio equipment and hire workers to carry out a project which will subject the artist under much pressure as to meet up with the timely paid sessions.

Let no one deceive you that you can’t make it alone, there is 100% chances and possibilities of making it to the top as a lone act as long as the appropriate things are checked and put in place..Man No Be God.

SEGZ records is one Port Harcourt base music label I can always be proud of not just for their sophisticated equipment and magnificent office building location but the dedication of the management team is a career elevation fuel for every Artist who dream of a good future in the entertainment industry.

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