Overcomer by Jeffy Jeff

This song titled “Overcomer “by Jeffy Jeff is a song for these times! You all agree that this is a time to stay happy and rely on positive promises. This song gives you the “joy moments” as you remember and confess positive and enabling words in your life. Remember positive vibes only and that you are an overcomer. Life comes with battles, your level of glory, greatness and accomplishments determines the extent of your battles, it is when you have fought and conquered you can hit your chest, and call yourself or be called an OVERCOMER. Finally, when you are hungry and could feed, YOU’RE AN OVERCOMER, when you go out and return in peace, YOU’RE AN OVERCOMER, several instances and most especially when you are still alive, and it is of essence to show gratitude to the one behind for helping you break grounds and reaching greater heights. OVERCOMERS are uniform, they are success stories, they are victories, they are those who know how to say thank you, today Segz Records finally releases a special recipe to compliment your gratitude, A song by her frontline artiste and producer JEFFY JEFF. IT IS THE OVERCOMERS song of gratitude, OUT ON ALL DIGITAL STORES AND AVENUES, Download, Listen, Enjoy & Share.


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